Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a beagle the right dog for me?

There's no doubt that beagles are sweet, adorable dogs with wonderful personalities.  Before you decide to adopt a beagle, however, you should definately learn as much as you can about the breed.  We receive e-mails every week from people who adopted (or purchased) beagles without understanding the traits and characteristics of the breed.  Be sure to read all about beagles  and browse through some beagle links.  While beagles are intelligent and loyal, they are also strong-willed dogs that can get into all kinds of trouble when they are bored or lonely.

How does the adoption process work?

The process to adopt a beagle is simple:

1.  Complete an application on-line.  If you need to, you can save it and complete it later.

2.  Our volunteers will review your application.  We will contact your vet reference and your personal references.  We will also interview you and, if needed, schedule a home visit.

3.  After your application is approved, you can meet the beagles at one of our adoption events or via a private meet-up is possible.  Then, you take your new beagle home to love and cherish!  (Of course, everyone is welcome to come to our event ... but if your application is pre-approved, you can adopt the same day!

Can I meet the beagles before I send in my application?

We strongly recommend that you send in your application about one week before the adoption event that you plan on attending.  While our adoption events are open to the public, we can not guarantee that you will be able to adopt the same day if you are not pre-approved.

All of the beagles in our care are at foster homes.  Because we are an all-volunteer organization, we ask that you plan to attend one of our scheduled adoption events to meet the beagles.

What can I expect from a beagle that has been abused, neglected or abandoned?

Many of the beagles at Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue have been abused, neglected or abandoned.  While every dog is different, all of the beagles will generally need basic obedience training and house-training.  Even dogs that have been house-trained in the past will often have "accidents" as they adjust to their new homes.  Also, most of our beagles need loving, patient homes where they can learn to trust people.  This adjustment period can take a few weeks or (more likely) a few months.  During this time, we recommend that you crate train the beagle so that it is in a safe, secure place when you are away from home. 

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