Sponsorship Information

Financial Donations

Most of the beagles enter the rescue with medical needs that must be met before they can be placed into permanent homes. All animals must be brought up-to-date on shots, sterilized, and screened for health problems such as heartworm. Once these needs are met, we provide food, shelter and ongoing care for as long as the dog needs to stay with us. Here are some of the expenses we face each month:

$65 for annual shots and to spay/neuter a beagle
$60 to worm 15 beagles for one month
$75 to feed 15 beagles for one month
$150 for flea treatment (15 beagles per month)
$300 to treat a beagle for heartworm
$200+ for surgeries/treatments (cherry eye, fractured legs, etc.)

While adoption fees help offset some of these costs, the rescue still needs additional funding to meet the many needs of the beagles in our care. Won't you help us?


Financial donations may be mailed directly to:

     Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc.
     P.O. Box 271772
     Tampa, FL 33688-1722