Fostering a beagle

Foster homes are the backbone of our organization and we never have enough! They are the wonderful people that provide a loving home to help get our beagles ready for adoption. Without fosters, we could not continue to help so many animals.

Who can be a foster?

Anyone who loves beagles and has a welcoming home can apply to foster beagles. While experience working with (and loving) beagles is helpful, it is not required. 

What will my foster beagle be like?

We usually have very little, if any, background information on the beagles that come to the rescue. Part of the foster process is to observe and evaluate the beagle and work with the dog to overcome any issues. This may include housebreaking, basic obedience, separation anxiety and socialization. Fostering can be hard at times but it is always rewarding.

How long does a foster arrangement last?

Some dogs need a safe home for just a few days while we get them matched up with their forever home. Other dogs have medical or behavioral conditions and need to stay in a foster home for a month or longer. Most dogs are adopted from their foster home within three months.

Do I have to find a home for my foster beagle?

Our fosters are partners in the adoption process. Anyone who is interested in adopting the beagle submits an application to the rescue and is approved through our regular process. The foster family gets to meet the potential adopters during their visit with the beagle. Working together, the foster family and the rescue find the best possible home for the beagle.

Who pays for vet bills, food and other costs?

Foster families normally supply food and other basic supplies. The rescue is responsible for vet bills, but we do require that you notify us in advance and we will arrange to use one of our vets whenever feasible. Our vets provide excellent quality care and give us a significant discount because we are a nonprofit organization.


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