Animal Success Stories
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Cameron/Willie (I renamed him) is doing great! He's the best dog I could ask for. We both enjoy our afternoon walks with the occasional trip to the park. I never realized how fast he was... or perhaps how slow I was. I know that eventually I'll teach him how to fetch. Currently I throw the tennis ball and he'll run to it, touch it with his nose and run back. So, he may just be teaching me how to fetch, but I know we'll get the hang of it. He's very bright, though easily distracted with his sense of smell. He is still shy around strangers, but he's in love with my girlfriend. She's the only other person he gets sad about when she leaves. He'll pace around looking through the different corners of my house hoping that she's around one of them just hiding waiting to give him a treat. And when I leave, he gives me the saddest eyes, like I'm leaving for ever. Now I sort of distract him with his Kong toy filled with peanut butter or another toy with hotdog bits inside. That usually keeps him busy. I think with some more interaction with people and other dogs, he'll kick those habits, fears and anxieties and become the carefree dog I know he is. I just want to say, "Thank you" to your organization for pairing me up with such a great friend! Nick

Pretty Boy

We adopted Pretty Boy from Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue in June 2015. He is our fourth rescue beagle and we adore him. He has super long legs so we think he might actually be a Treeing Walker Coonhound in a beagle suit! His name is now Dexter. His favorite place to be is on our bed and UNDER the covers. We think he feels safe that way. Dexter is a delight and he gets along with our beagle Cooper (aka BJ) real well. They are brothers for sure. Peggy and Barry Edwards


Wow, what a year it has been for our boy Bailey (formerly Marco). Too refresh your memory Bailey had us really concerned as he nipped 3 people on the butt! Thankfully no one pressed the issue. We engaged the help of a professional trainer, we learned a great deal from her but that didn't help Baileys aggressive behavior. A neighbor had been with the NY city police K9 training and he made a suggestion that has worked wonders. A small metal can (coke can size + -) loosely filled with nuts and bolts. A shake of the can at any unacceptable behavior in close proximity to Baileys head. Tons of praise and sometimes a treat reward at the correct behavior in a circumstance that previously would have sent him over the edge. Well it only took 4 times and the behavior changed. If we notice him tensing up we will bring him to our side and the words "It is Okay Bailey" he relaxes and moves on! 1 year later he is the most loving playful loyal couch potato in the world. He has come to understand the limits of his allowed territory when off lead ( not a real common occurance) but it happens. He has not shown an aggressive behavior in many months and if anything is the most docile yet playful dog we have ever had! He knows his limits and while occasionally will test us he has come to be loved by all our neighbors and family members. My wife and I would like to thank Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue for now twice giving us wonderful pups. Goldie is now almost 6 years old and a wonderful dog and Bailey after about a year with us is truly a family member. Both with completely different and unique personalities but both great dogs. Mike Patrick


It can take a long time for a timid, un-socialized dog to come around: We adopted our third beagle from TBBR about a year a so ago. A very shy little girl named Scarlett. She spent most of her time under the bed. We had to drag her out to make her go outside. It has taken time and patience (and the help of her brother Buddy), but she has turned into such a sweet dog. She still likes her quiet time under the bed, but she loves to come out and visit, and loves to run and play with Buddy. Last night she came flying in from the back yard, hopped onto the couch and looked me right in the eye as if to say……………"This is ok for me to do without getting in trouble, isn't it? She licked me on the nose and was off again………………. Joe


Hello to our friends at the beagle rescue! We adopted Corvette back in January 2007. We have meant to update sooner, but we have had so much fun with her that it's hard to break away to use the computer! From the moment she came into our home we knew she was ours; she immediately jumped on our bed and took a family nap with us. She does love to play outside and at the doggie park, and she loves to curl up with us while watching TV or reading a book. She gets along very well with our older dog and older cat, even though she had to learn that the kitty is boss! Corvette is so silly we now call her "Lucy Goosey", which only makes her wag her tail more! She is a bundle of joy and we recommend the rescue to everyone we know. Thank you, Ed and Rebekah Johnson

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