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How Can I Help?

Volunteers & Supplies Needed

You might be asking yourself, "I can't adopt another beagle right now, so what can I do to help?" Well, there's a lot!  Donations of supplies or cash helps us accomplish our mission: to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused and neglected beagles from throughout the state of Florida.  And, because we are a nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible ... and the dogs sure appreciate your efforts!

Also, did you know that many large corporations offer matching donations to non-profit organizations?  This means that your donation to help beagles in need can be doubled!  Be sure to ask your human resources department about it today!

We are in need of volunteers who are willing to transport beagles from various places all over Florida.  If you can help with this, please fill out a volunteer application


Donating Supplies / Materials

Here's a few of the items we need on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly.

[IMAGE]  Bags of Dry Dog Food (preferrably high-protein)  [IMAGE]

[IMAGE]  Frontline Flea/Tick Preventative  [IMAGE]

 [IMAGE]  Dog Toys  [IMAGE]

[IMAGE]  New or Used Crates  [IMAGE] 

Supplies and goody packages for the beagles can be mailed to:

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue,Inc., c/o Julie Fehr,
7212 Hamilton Park Blvd
Tampa, FL 33615

Contact Julie to pick up larger items:  info@tampabaybeaglerescue.org 

We welcome donations at all adoption events, too!

Financial Donations

Most of the beagles enter the Rescue with medical needs that must be met before they can be placed into permanent homes.  All animals must be brought up-to-date on shots, spayed or neutered, and screened for health problems such as heartworms.  Once these needs are met, we provide food, shelter and on-going care for as long as the dog needs to stay with us.  Here are some of the on-going expenses we face each month:

$65 for annual shots and to spay/neuter a beagle
$60 to worm 15 beagles for one month
$75 to feed 15 beagles for one month
$150 for flea treatment (15 beagles per month)
$300 to treat a beagle for heartworms
$200-500 for surgeries/treatments (cherry eye, fractured legs, etc.)

While adoption fees help offset some of these costs, the Rescue still needs additional funding to meet the many needs of the beagles in our care.  Won't you help us?

Financial donations should be mailed directly to:

     Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc.
     P.O. BOX 271772
     TAMPA, FL 33688-1722
Please include a note indicating what the donation is for (medical care for the animals, food/supplies, etc.).  Checks/money orders must be made out to Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, Inc.


**  When you click the PayPal link, you will go to the PayPal website where you can make a donation to the rescue.  You can use your secure PayPal account, or just use your credit card.  **  PayPal will add a small convenience fee to cover the cost to process the payment.  It will be listed as a shipping charge.  **  If you have any problems making a donation through PayPal, please contact us at info@tampabaybeaglerescue.org  Thank you for your support! 

Your financial help is always greatly appreciated! 


Becoming a Volunteer ...

Supplies keep us going and there never seems to be enough, but that's not the only way you can help.  Volunteers keep us running and the more volunteers we have, the more beagles we can save.  Here are some of the things we need help with:

  • Help at adoption events by caring for dogs and by meeting/interviewing potential adopters.  Adoption events are usually held twice a month and can be very small and informal.  However, several times a year, we participate in large adoption events where we bring up to ten dogs and we need the help of dedicated volunteers.
  • Transport dogs.  We need volunteers to help get beagles to veterinary appointments, medical treatments, foster homes, pet adoption events and much more!  If you can help us get these dogs from place to place, that's a big help!
  • Foster a dog in your home.  The need for good homes for beagles is a constant one.  We get requests on a daily basis to help beagles in need.  We help as many as we can, but we can't save them all as we just don't have enough room.  Becoming a foster home is a great way to help us save more dogs.  Some kind folks keep a beagle for a few weeks or a couple of months, while other beagles end up staying for good when the occasional foster parent can't bear to part with the gentle beagle they have been caring for.  Learn more about fostering.
  • Help with applications by interviewing applicants, conducting home visits, and checking references.
  • Help with other paperwork.  Experience with nonprofits is a plus, including financial reports, fundraising and grant-writing.

Please complete a volunteer application to get started helping today!!! 

We need YOU!

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