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Surrendering a Beagle to our Rescue

Given our resources, we can only accept a limited number of dogs.  We focus on dogs from shelters that have been abused, neglected, and/or abanoned.    Because there are so many needy animals in shelters, we are able to accept very few Beagles surrendered by their owners.
  • If you must surrender your Beagle, we ask that you keep it with you while we help you find it a new forever home.  We will need digital photos of your Beagle and a complete description so we can post them on our web site, which is linked to petfinder.com  and several other adoption web sites.  We will require your Beagle's rabies and shot records as well as the details of any other medical history.  We would prefer your Beagle be spayed/neutered and have had tested negative for heartworms.  Whenever possible, we request the owner bring the Beagle to our adoption events so it can meet our prospective adopting families.  Donations from owners surrendering their Beagle are gratefully accepted.
  • We receive many requests from people who want us to take their senior dog.  Finding good homes for young dogs is hard work; for older dogs, it is almost impossible.  If your dog has been loyal to you, then please show the same loyalty to your dog by taking care of it during its senior years.
  • We also receive many requests from people who are moving somewhere that "does not allow dogs."  Making a plan to move is a big decision.  Please consider your pet when making such a decision and be sure to find a home for the whole family so that your beagle can stay with you.
  • Beagles are not by nature aggressive dogs.  For legal and moral reasons, our rescue can not accept a dog that has a history of biting
  • Unfortunately, beagles have a tendency to wander.  If you find a stray beagle, please post a description of the dog at local pet stores, grocery stores, vet offices and other public places.  Most vets and shelters will check a found dog for a microchip free of charge.  Also, be sure to call the local animal shelter and leave information about the dog.  If the owner contacts the shelter, they can they get in touch with you. 
  • For more information about surrendering a dog, please contact us BY EMAIL ONLY at info@tampabaybeaglerescue.org.  Please remember that to save the Beagles in shelters that are in danger of being euthanized, we are able to accept very few Beagles surrendered by their owners.

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