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Rainbow Bridge
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It is with a great deal of sadness that I notify you and the loving members of Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue that our Rocky passed away this afternoon at around 2:00PM. We had taken him to the vet for confirmation of his diagnosis of thryroid cancer, which they confirmed. We were going to have him put to sleep in the afternoon, but he gave us a very precious and special gift of sparing us that pain, and slipped into his eternal rest on his own. We adopted Rocky (adopted as Bruno IV) on October 11, 2008. He has been his "mama's boy" ever since, following me all around the house. He actually chose me when we came to the meet and greet, never leaving my side after we were introduced to him at the park. He was a wonderful addition to our family, and really took to his newer younger brother, Merlin, who we adopted in May of this past year. I am so thankful that he had some really good times with him before he started to show signs of illness around October. Thank you, beagle rescue, for introducing us to Rocky. He will live on forever in our hearts. We will remember him as the little dog who kept on giving to us, even after he crossed over the rainbow bridge into doggy heaven. Not only did he give us the gift of letting go, so we did not have to put him under, but he gave us another special gift. When we took his remains to the SPCA to be cremated, they saw we had adopted his younger brother in May from them, and went on to share some more information about the dog we had adopted. Seems Merlin, Rocky's little brother, came from a very bad and abusive home. They were so happy to hear that he is being taken care of and loved on, and has made a complete recovery from a very abusive situation. We would have never known that part of Merlin's story unless we had taken Rockys remains there. I believe it was Rocky's gift to us, to help us appreciate his little brother that much more, and remind us that he appreciated the love and care we showed for him. He will be greatly missed, but we know he is running around in heaven, cancer free, happy and healthy. Kevin, Peggy, Amanda and Tiffany Higgins

I am so sad to email and let you know that Maddie passed away this week. She had immune mediated hypolitic anemia. She literally went from 100% to gone in a few hours. Her white blood cells multiplied and destroyed her red blood cells, she lost 80% of her blood as I said within hours. There was nothing we could do. It's not fair, because she was just two years old. She had the best life a dog could have though, and was loved enough to last a full lifetime. She is buried in my parents back yard in Connecticut.

On September 26, 2007 a beloved beagle named Milo came into my life. He happened my way through his picture on the TBBR website. I fell in love with him based on a face in a photograph, filled out an application and was contacted by Scott. The rest is history. He was my heart and soul dog. Unfortunately, our time together was much too short. Milo died in November 2008 of a sudden onset brain tumor. He was my constant and faithful companion and he is missed dearly. I will always love you Milo. Lesley Osborn

Jake came to our family in September of 2001 after being neglected, left outside for too long and watching his sister die on a chain. He brought such joy and happiness to our family being our first and only dog. January 29, 2009 we had to put him down because of liver failure. He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Jake we enjoyed our time with you and will never forget you. Love, The Ball Family

Toby III 8/5/08
Toby was our foster who came to us after being in a couple of homes and returned because he didn't work out. We had hoped that we would work with him on his training issues and then find him his forever home but he was diagnosed with cancer and went quickly. He was a friendly, affectionate boy who while very vocal, was always ready to give and receive love. We'll miss you Toby.

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