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Rainbow Bridge
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Winnie II (April 2014)

Uncle Kracker (March 2014)

Katie (July 2014)
"We lost our darling Katie a few weeks ago to Cushings. She was a TBBR alumni, known as Sue when we adopted her in 2007. She was such a loving girl and we will never forget her. We are just heartbroken, but when we are ready to have another dog, we will come back."

Joely (August 2014)
I am very sad to say that Joely died in her sleep last night. She was always loved and brought such joy to our family. I have never met a more loveable dog. We loved the way she greeted us at the door and her fetish for the trash can was adorable. She had many wonderful traits. Thank you for placing her in our home. Her time with us was brief but it was also priceless.

Sammy (July 2014)
It is with great sadness that I write to you to inform you that Sammy, the beagle that I adopted from your organization four years ago, passed away on Tuesday, July 22nd. I adopted Sammy (then known as Bobby) in May 2010. I instantly fell in love with him from pictures and a bio on your site and within a few weeks, I had Sammy at home with me. Sammy was a very scared and anxious dog from the start. I knew caring for him would require a lot of patience and work. I can remember that for the first month that I had him, I had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom because he was scared to go on his own. I remember a particular instance when it was nighttime and raining and I was carrying Sammy in the yard, flashlight in my mouth. After about 20 minutes of moving him around the yard, he finally went. :) He finally warmed up to me and was my "Velcro" because he followed me everywhere. He was a great cuddle buddy and could never get enough belly rubs. He often put his head under my hands to encourage me to keep petting him. My family would call him "thumper" because when he would wag his tail, it would hit the couch with a "thud." In 2012, Sammy's yearly blood work was concerning and it was discovered that he was suffering from kidney disease. Despite the special dog food and medications, there was only so much I could do for him. Sammy held on a lot longer than we thought he would and finally, he couldn't hold on any longer. I loved Sammy dearly and miss him terribly. He was loved very much by my parents, siblings, niece and the three other beagles and lab mix in my family. He couldn't have been a better dog and he has a forever place in my heart.

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